The myth of Atlantis

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There is a myth that has been much talked about, and makes you dream also, it is that of Atlantis. And for centuries, it has inflamed the minds of explorers. 

The myth  comes down to us through writings from Plato’s myth of Atlantis. These works: Timaeus or of nature and Critias or of Atlantis, were written around 400 BC.

However these texts make reference to the writings of Solon, which held them, he said, of Egyptian priests. These include the famous Timaeus:-“one day, wanting to engage the Egyptian priests to speak of antiquity, Solon began to tell them what is known among the Greeks as old”. Then one of the Egyptian priests, who was very old, told him: you have no old opinion based on an old tradition and no science bleached by time in mind. And here is the reason. There often and there are still often caused in various ways, the largest destruction of men by the fire and the water, and others lower by thousand other things. The old Egyptian Priest lifted the veil on what he called “the largest of the deletions made by the waters”, and advance the date-9000 years (which corresponds to 11000 years before J – C) this is what he said:-“the written monuments say that your city (Athens) destroyed once an immense power who insolently walked on Europe and the whole Asia coming from another world located in the Atlantic ocean. You could then cross this Ocean; because there was an island before this Strait you call, you say, the columns of Hercules.

This island was larger than the Libya and Asia together. This island could then switch to the other islands and they win the continent stretching in front of them and this real sea (…) However, in this island Atlantis, Kings had formed a great and admirable power, which extended its dominion over the whole island and on many other islands and some parts of the continent. They were masters of the Libya up to the Egypt and Europe up to the Tyrrhenie. However, one day, this power, bringing together all his forces, began to enslave one shot your country, ours and all peoples within the Strait. It was then, Solon, that the power of your city fit burst in the eyes of the world its value and strength. She defeated the invaders, lifted a trophy, preserved slavery peoples who had not yet been enslaved, and gave generously to freedom all those who, like us, live within the columns of Hercules.

But in the time that followed, there were earthquakes and extraordinary floods, and in the space of one day and one negative night, everything you had of combatants was engulfed in a swoop in the Earth, and island Atlantis, being damaged in the sea, disappeared the same. “

You can find evocations of this island in many lands. It was mentioned under the name of Ha Mem Ptah in Egyptian writings. In the texts of the Yoruba Africa also mention. In China, there is mention of a mysterious island where lived a people to supernatural medical powers known as Kun Lun, Chinese ranging this island of eternal youth beyond the ocean. All talk about as an ideal city and a lost paradise.

According to Plato, the God of the sea Poseidon and the deadly clit would domicile. They have generated five times of the pairs of twins who became the ten kings of Atlantis, each on one-tenth of the island. Plato evaluates the total area, according to modern measurements, to about two million square kilometres, or almost one-third of the Australia. According to Plato, the Atlanteans were more large than men of their time, and formed a very powerful but also very wise people. They had established a modern political system based on assemblies and mastered particularly advanced techniques. They possessed vrills, copper staves wrapped leather and completed by a quartz, with which they nursed the sick and accelerating the growth of the plants.

In Plato’s Critias gives a heavenly description of the island: “they had at their disposal all the necessary things, it is customary to make in the cities, or that come from other countries. Although their empire meaningfully them lot of outside income, it was the island itself which catered mainly to all the needs of the existence. First, it gave them in several places all products of the minor, both solid as fuse industry, including something which is known today as, the orichalcum, which was mined in various parts of the island, and then had more value than any other metal, after gold. Its forests generously provided all useful wood carpenters and Masons and were living in abundance of wild and domestic animals; even elephants were many.

There were vast pastures for this beast, the most large and more voracious, as well as an abundant food for other creatures who live in the marshes, lakes and rivers, and live in the mountains and Plains. Besides, the Earth was all aromatic substances in the world: roots, stems, canes, resins secreted by the flowers and fruits, and they flourished. As cultivated, the dry fruit which serve as a provision… as well as those that provide both meat, drink and oil, the fruit trees which is our pleasure and our cheerfulness, so difficult to maintain, and we serve delicious desserts that awaken the appetite of the most sated, it was produced by this sacred island bathed by the Sun, wonderful beauty and inexhaustible wealth. Also the Kings employed all these gifts of the ground to build and adorn their temples, Royal residences, ports, docks and areas. “

Some estimate that Atlantis is located in the Aegean Sea, others near the Azores or Britain, others still see further, until China Sea. In the Timaeus, Plato is the mysterious island beyond the pillars of Hercules, the ancient name of the Strait of Gibraltar, so in the Atlantic ocean, facing the Portugal and the Morocco. He also refers to the capital, Atlantis. Circular in shape. With a diameter of one hundred stages, about twenty kilometers, the city consisted of more narrow circles. Edouard Brasey who has devoted an entire book to the riddle of Atlantis, think that some rare peaks of the ancient sunken island were still preserved. He cited Cape Verde Islands, the Canary Islands and Madeira as well as Bimini and the Bahamas Archipelago.

Edgar Cayce, currently recognized as one of the greatest mediums of our century, between 1924 and 1945, spoke frequently of Atlantis. According to him, Atlantis was located between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand and the Mediterranean on the other. He indicated that should be polls to Bimini and in the vicinity of the Gulf Stream. Edgar Cayce was convinced that Atlantis would soon resurface. In 1940, he indicated even with precision that we find the first vestiges in 1968 or 1969.

Gold in 1968, Dr. MansonValentine, paleontologist, geologist and archaeologist who knew nothing of this prophecy explored funds of Bimini, near the famous Bermuda triangle. He discovered a cyclopean wall, located formed blocks more than 15 tonnes at 6 metres below the surface of the ocean. According to him, this wall has nothing to do with a natural assemblage of rocks: closely embedded stone lines are straight, parallel to each other and end in headroom, unthinkable arrangement in the case of a natural formation.

Subsequently, Philippe Cousteau, the son of the famous Commander, himself visited the scene with his team and came to the same conclusions as Dr. Valentine: only experienced builders have cut at right angles these monstrous blocks and adjust perfectly. And these blocks are not made of the same rock as their sedimentary base. So, is this the discovery of one of the first major vestiges of Atlantis? The question remains open.

But what about the disappearance of Atlantis ? First of all, it should be noted that the disappearance of Atlantis involves more than the destruction of an island. The magnitude of the destruction would have affected Earth and the end to a long period of any organised society. Mass destruction that took place once at least. But many traditions looking for several times. Plato thought and most mythologies also. It can be seen that in several texts, the fate of Atlantis is closely related to a deluge would have prevailed. However the flood represents a fundamental myth found in most civilizations and religions. The basic principle is always the same: a first humanity was created by a God or gods but that humanity sank into the vices and excess and it eventually disappears in a natural cataclysm. Naturally, everyone has in mind the flood mentioned in the Old Testament. The story of Gilgamesh, written in Cuneiform in ancient Sumer at the beginning of the third millennium before our era, has disturbing similarities to the story of Noah.

In his Metamorphoses, written at the beginning of the Christian era, Ovid details 4 ages of first mankind: the golden age, the silver age, the bronze age and the iron age, the meanest and worst of all. Ovid says that this corrupt humanity proved full of contempt for the gods, passionate of cruelty and murder which begat the wrath of Jupiter who decided to condemn the human kind. With the help of Neptune, water came out of their course and engulfed the earth beneath their waves. Among the Antis of Bolivia and Northwest of the Brazil Indians, the Ipurimas and the Yurukares, told through their legends that the world was destroyed by a flood in which men were imprisoned in an underground.

In other Indian legends, it is specified that this first humanity, unfaithful to God consisted of Giants born of boulders. Everything went first for the better but after a while, they began fighting one another. Viracocha, their deity decided to wipe them out. Some were changed again in stone statues and others were swallowed by a great flood. But the question that interests us is: how to explain the strange correspondences of all these stories of the flood without mentioning the possibility of a common source who reportedly inspired? If the Indians of America, the Sumerians, the Hebrew of the Old Testament and the ancient Greeks have retained the same memory of the story of the flood, we can hypothesize that this story has been transmitted to them by the same Witnesses who may be survivors of Atlantis.

What the Bible says, and who still have to meditate today, it is the wickedness of men was the cause of the flood (Genesis 6: 5-7). The last page of the Plato’s Critias says exactly the same thing to explain the end of the prestigious Island Atlantis: “then the God of the gods, Zeus, prevailing laws and can discern these sorts of things, realizing the unfortunate state of a race that had been righteous, resolved to punish them to make wiser and more moderate… “

In the current state of our knowledge, it is difficult to know if Atlantis really existed. Many legends from the four corners of the world as well as numerous clues, lead us to believe but the tangible evidence, having received the credit of scientists are, for the moment still skinny. Edouard Brasey, through his book, emits the idea that when the cataclysm, the Atlanteans are perished not all. In several waves of emigration, they would be left to colonize the lands of East and West. But they were no longer the glorious Atlantes of yore; the disaster that devastated their island would have brought back sharply to the stone age. According to the same author is are the ones who have frescoed admirable prehistoric caves of Dordogne. And it is they who under the name of Cro-Magnons would have colonized the whole of Europe and North Africa. Most incredible again, it would be them who were the builders of the Giza pyramids, temples of Mexico as well as a prodigious Celtic megaliths.

Is our current humanity from the same people, same origin? Were there several Humanities destroyed by cataclysms before our current era? The question is asked.

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