Chemtrails and metaphysics

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“Chemtrails” refers to the broad dragged condensed chemical gas which can sometimes be seen in the wake of some aircraft. These gases are voluntarily dropped in the sky. Different indices to identify the suspicious streaks: they are wider and longer to disappear than those from conventional aircraft, their colour is slightly darker, and above all, they emerge outside the corridors normally reserved for air traffic. Aircraft military and civilians specially equipped (American or European) spread so “incognito” from the sky a monstrous poison throughout the countries of our planet. And it lasts for years! Gold leads us now suggests that this poison would be primarily intended to chemically asleep our humanity and turning us into slaves and then, more or less short term, robots.

We were hesitant to raise the issue of chemtrails in a new and totally unknown light, firstly because there are already many sites relatively well documented on this subject, and especially because the hypothesis that we have adopted to explain the development of this worrying phenomenon may make us definitely lose all credibility with our readers, including most loyal.

Try it yourself, if you feel like it, to address the issue of chemtrails with your loved ones, and you’ll see that the simple idea that aircraft can dump chemicals on the surface of the developed countries with the approval or indifference of Governments in place will seem to most of your interlocutors quite whimsical, wacky, or even paranoid. You will have great difficulty in convincing these people to the reality of their existence.

Then try to demonstrate that the real purpose of chemtrails is not to act on our environment or control the weather (as it was advanced in various journals and on different sites), but control individuals themselves by acting on their Kundalini. There, there, for sure, pretend you to be a “mentally disturbed” person!

Yet this hypothesis in “delirious” appearance that seems to us today the most plausible. So let’s try to explain why and how poison gas dropped by chemtrails are used, according to our analysis, to try to keep humanity under the control of a group of unbelievers who will now stop at nothing to preserve their privileges and their supremacy. These individuals hold the economic, financial and political power throughout our planet for ages. They are formidable they know perfectly the path of evolution and spiritual transformation in which humanity is now engaged, and they no longer hesitate to use some methods and some rituals of black magic to oppose.

So, why want to chemically prevent the Kundalini awaken in man? And first of all, what is Kundalini?

The yogis of the Brahmanist India, shivaite and vishnouiste engage from time immemorial in various exercises and use various techniques of concentration and meditation whose ultimate purpose is the awakening of the Kundalini, female spiritual strength that they used to represent in the form of a snake of fire rolled three times on itself.

They consider that this ‘snake’ is normally “down” in “Muladara”, that is at the base of the spine, in the lotus 4 petals, the first of the 7 chakras or subtle energy centres of the human being. It is there, buried under several envelopes, and it sleeps.

It is this energy snake any yogi seeks to awaken through appropriate exercises. Waking up, the energy rises spiral through the 5 other chakras (Svadisthana, Manipoura, Anahata, Visoudha and Ajna), she caught fire in turn before reaching the seventh (Sahasrara), the ‘lotus with thousand petals’, located at the top of the head. When this final stage is reached, the yogi reached “enlightenment”.

But before fully awaken his Kundalini fire, the neophyte must release energy channel of the spinal column (Soushoumna). By different exercises, in particular of breathing exercises, it activates the two currents of energy located on part of the spine (Ida and Pingala) and strives to clean this channel. The path must be rid of all impurities and all energy obstacles so the snake can pass unhindered through the different chakras and reach the coronal Center.

The Indian initiates say that at the end of his trip, Kundalini reaches Shiva, the masculine principle. The meeting of the two principles, male and female, the head and tail of the snake, is realized in a dazzling light. At this stage the yogi manages to full release of all physical chains, all physical barriers, and it can cross as he wants the different planes of existence. There is more no limitation for him. It has become a multidimensional, perfectly free and conscious being, a being that can no longer be manipulated by anyone.

However, this upward process assumed until now a spiritual work and asceticism that only certain beings of exception were likely to perform. This is why a well-known proverb States that “there has always been many called, but few chosen”.

Today, however, because of the very advent near a new era, because of the vibration acceleration and energy intensification related to this transitional period, and also, of course, extraordinary aid that is sent to us since the kingdoms of light on this occasion, the situation has completely changed. If they accept the sacrifices and work necessary for their spiritual germination, it has now become much easier the Oriental to borrow the Royal Road once traveled by Yogananda or Ma Ananda Mayi, and Westerners to reach the vibratory level of a Francis of Assisi or a Hildegard of Bingen, i.e. to join the glorious lineage of humans of exception to be past incarnations of courage of sacrifice and self-denial, to reconcile themselves with the forces of nature, to overcome physical limitations and is free.

This is what the shadow masters want at all costs avoid: the majority of mankind ceases to be manipulated! Because this would amount at the end of their psychological grip, and so their empire physical and material of their domination over our world. This is why they could have designed and developed a particularly diabolical chemical weapon designed to paralyze the ascent of the Kundalini along the spine in man and thus delay the activation of the new energy grid.

Different chemical weapons are also used in this sense for years, while we have consciousness. And, of course, the United States which became the champions of the technological war for the ‘chemical control of spirits’.

More than 60% of municipal systems of distribution of water in the United States are treated for decades with derivatives of fluorine on the pretext of an official policy on public health. However, fluoride has a whole series of negative side effects. It entails in particular a mental and physical passivity and makes the most vulnerable Americans to social control and political as any other people of the Earth. It is also known that, during the second world war, the Nazis put fluoride in drinking water of prison camps for the purpose of better control.

This is certainly not a coincidence that the American people, led for a long time by a Government entirely subservient to the Lords of the shadow, or the more dependent on drugs of our planet. A large number of children are drugged from their earliest age by psychologists on the pretext that they have “behavior disorder” or “problems of concentration”. More than one hundred million Americans, including a large percentage of children, use powerful substances altering the functioning emotional and mental such as Valium, Prozac, the Thorazine and many other medications. The rate of consumption of psychiatric drugs to the United States is the highest in the world. And other countries to follow the American ‘model’. Our company is thus transformed into a kind of asylum whose “patients” should be medical to be able to continue to live “normally”.

And what about all those chemical additives in food and beverages consumed by the majority of the population of developed countries? Modern man has become a veritable traveling experimental laboratory thanks to agri-food and chemical industries. And, yet again, this terrible fact should of course nothing “random”.

Richard Sauder, Ph.d. in political science, made himself known to the United States for having written two works of reference (“Underground Bases and tunnels: what is the Government trying to hide?” and “Underwater Bases”) which deal with the underground and underwater bases constructed under the “black budgets” US military, these undeclared Congress budgets amounting to tens of billions of Dollars annually.

Here is his answer to a question which asked a few months ago.

Question: “you affirm that the control of behavior in the broad sense (by the media, drugs, etc.) would be designed to prevent our discovery, our link with a natural phenomenon, that of the Kundalini.» What does it really mean? »

Response by Richard Sauder: “Okay, for me, it is no question chemical additives, pharmaceutical compounds, electronic mind control and thousands of other techniques of control of the body and the spirit are designed to prevent humanity to fulfill. It is obvious that the suffocation of the Kundalini is part of this monitoring process. In my opinion, the Kundalini is nothing other than consciousness, cosmic life force and energy that penetrates the entire universe, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large passing through all the intermediate levels. She is a phenomenal power but also exquisite subtlety and delicacy that go beyond the mind of an ordinary mind. Imagine an unimaginable force equal to energy accumulated a galaxy with its billions of giant stars and their solar systems in orbit. One force-stupefying reflected as well in the evanescent grace of a butterfly, the delicacy of the song of seduction of a bird fluttering between the shrubs of a garden looking for its nest by a magnificent morning summer or in tiny spirals of an infinite number of subatomic particles orbiting since billions of years in the vacuum of the creation! A world without end, amen!

This is the Kundalini and much more. It is filled with a life full of grace, authentic spiritual grace, power, conscience and an incredible knowledge of self and other that leave you breathless with astonishment. This is what les Misérables villains who are trying to impose their totalitarian control on the planet do not want you to know! They do not want that you can be overwhelmed by the Kundalini! They want to see you poor, paralyzed by fear, vulnerable, stupid, weak, sick, malnourished, confused, sad, depressed, exploited, without education, manipulable, hopeless and mesmerized by their propaganda.

By contrast, well balanced and fully deployed Kundalini force gives you the inspiration, health, the Faculty of discernment, courage, the intelligent supreme confidence, enlightenment, energy, creativity, hope and so on. The current leaders of this planet more often despise and persecute those who are illuminated by the Kundalini, even partially. Which explains the hunts in witches, the funeral pyres and the multiple pogroms that punctuate our history.

To my knowledge, it was that very little, not to say no serious scientific study on the Kundalini. Of course, modern science, philosophy and methods which are most materialistic and reductionist, ignores or ridicules the phenomena that are closely or from afar than the Kundalini. I do not think, therefore, that there was plenty of research and investigations in this area. Ideally, those trying to awaken the Kundalini by meditative techniques focus on the chakras, self-hypnosis, singing, various types of yogas, etc. should first cleanse their bodies, their minds and their emotions. Otherwise, physical, spiritual and emotional blockages can lead to physical, psychological or even psychiatric complications that may be fatal. We do not play with the Kundalini for a weekend to pass the time. The emitted energy can become prodigious: imagine a Flash that runs through all of your spine to the top of your head! It is pretty much the effect that it made. You will understand that such energy is likely to hurt those who are emotionally unstable who feed fears or that are weakened by disease or malnutrition.

I found very interesting and informative books of Gopi Krishna. The awakening of the Kundalini was powerful, sustained and extended. Lee Sannella, a physician, wrote a small book, “The Kundalini Experience” which provides a clinical and scientific perspective. I found these some very relevant and helpful books. There are many information about the Kundalini in books, magazines and articles. Some of these works are good, others are poor, and much of this information are given by people who unfortunately do not know always what they are talking about.

In General, I think that the guide for the Kundalini is like everything else in life: try to have respect for yourself and for others, to love the land and all other forms of life. Avoid conflicts, embrace peace, strive to give meaning to your life and find your place in the universe. Ask for help, meditate on the chakra of the Court – in my opinion, the most powerful energy centers-, enjoy the wonders of creation and the opportunity to be alive, to be aware and to be part of the whole.

In “black programs” mentioned by Richard Sauder and to facilitate mind control chemical and electronics of individuals, to prevent humanity to fulfill, it is now more no doubt chemtrails play an essential role.

The increasingly impressive evidence gathered, and the proven presence traces of contamination increasingly more harmful following spraying, we have come to the conclusion that a vast world of psychic poisoning program is currently underway, that the main target is human beings, and that the main lever is chemtrails.

The U.S. secret army would thus currently use more than a dozen military and civilian aircraft flying daily at very high altitude with mission to spread gas chemical condensation on all regions of our planet, via the chemtrails. For now, the only official explanation for these accidental discharges comes from pseudo-scientific reports that present the spreading of these substances into the atmosphere as a way to screen to solar radiation, and thus reduce the warming due to greenhouse gases. Under the guise of “geo-engineering”, tons of toxic chemical gas intended to undermine human health, to manipulate the composition of the atmosphere and climate land bacteriologically to contaminate the whole of humanity to better addicter the international pharmaceutical lobbies (themselves in the pay of the World Government of the shadow), and especially to paralyse the process of awakening of the Kundalini, prelude indispensable to Ascension and the access of humanity to the multi-dimensionality are thus daily poured over our heads.

Yes, we’re being deceived on these current massive spraying of chemicals in our atmosphere, their purpose and their possible consequences in the future very close. Everyone must now be aware and learn all the political consequences at the level of personal commitment of his life choices, including of its choice.

The time comes, where the military-industrial lobbies that cause our humanity to its loss will be disaggregated. The time comes, where those who think that their career and their privileges will be systematically excluded from power. Only those who consider our mother the Earth as a great be living and share her silent suffering, will get the power to participate in its healing. They are the ones who will lead tomorrow our humanity.

In the meantime, what we can do, is to continue to project thoughts much light on our current leaders, so that all the inhabitants of our planet as soon as possible find the path of harmony and brotherhood.


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