House purification

Your home is an extension of your physical body. As your body represents a temple for your soul, your home should feel like a haven. More than often, our gut instinct signals energy downfalls; this is why, when you enter a particular space or meet someone new, you just know if the place or individual is in alignment with yourself. One important question to ask yourself is: How do you feel when you spend time indoor? Does your house promote relaxation or comfort or is there something bothering you about your living space?

For you to discover if your home is auspicious or unsuitable, notice how you feel the moment you enter through the door. You can make a list of things that you want to be present in your home, or you can draw your ideal living space. After you finish, transmute your conceptual home into your current house. It’s true that most of us live in places that can be considered far from perfect, but this doesn’t mean we cannot design our current living space in a way that brings joy.

Here are 3 tips to improve the vibration of your house by purifying it:

  • Cleansing your home is essential. You can use aromatic candles, essential oils, frankincense, white sage or Palo Santo. White sage is a potent herb that burned, balances the energy in your home and brings light. Palo Santo is a sacred wood from South America, used by ancient tribes to declutter and harmonize. When using candles and oils, choose a color or a scent that you resonate with. If you lack abundance or energy, burn red candles. If you want to invite romanticism in your life, choose orange candles. Lavender, rose, and lilac aromas are perfect for soothing the mind and relaxing the body. Nevertheless, if you resonate with it, it’s all that you need.
  • Make sure the energy circulates in your home. Get rid of things that you no longer use. The spaciousness of your home reflects the spaciousness of your mind.
  • Last but not least, bless your home periodically. Practice gratitude for what you have. You can embellish your house with hand-picked high vibrational objects that remind you of your path and desires.

Your home is more than a roof on top of your head. It symbolizes a small universe that you can decorate and infuse according to your intention. Choose mindfully the people that you invite in your home and always use sunlight and fresh air to renew the energy in your house.  

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