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Most of us linger in a state of oblivion. We survive from one day to the next, we take care of pressing matters, we run around trying to add more to our lives. And yet, something is always missing. There is a deep longing present in all of us, an ungraspable desire to return home. There seems to be something appealing after every corner, but the more we search for it in the outside world, the easier we lose ourselves.

Presence is key in everything we do, in everything that we are. To be into the Now requires dedication and training. Mind discipline is essential for attaining inner fulfillment and existential success. Reduce your life to a simple and conscious living, and you will discover your joy. This can be done through various breathing techniques. Breath is the link to your divine self, the only anchor that keeps your centered within your being.

The moment you remind yourself to breathe consciously, you invite awareness into your daily living. Here are some of the benefits of learning how to properly use your breath:

  1. Worrying ceases. You stop your mind’s tendency to repeat the same thinking patterns. You enlarge your mental space, thus changing your perspective.
  2. You become the master of your mind. The mind is a powerful instrument of creation and taming your mind ensures a smooth and safe passage through life.
  3. Your body relaxes. Through breathing exercises, you open up the spaces of your body and allow auspicious energy to balance and restore your physical aspect to good health.
  4. You become calmer, lighter and more patient.

Conscious breathing represents the first step towards mindfulness. Simply observe your in-breath and out-breath. There is nothing more your need to do. Notice your thoughts and feelings. With every breath you take, go deeper within. Through your breath, you come to know yourself; consciously breathing dissolves the illusion of separation and aloneness and allows you to enter and rest in a space of wholeness and receptiveness.

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